Cairo Points of interest – Best Attractions

Cairo lies along the River Nile. Their town is happily called by the people of Cairo as the ‚Mother Of Cities‘. Cairo or Al Qahirah is not only the biggest town in Africa and the Middle East but also the the administrative centre of Egypt. Cairo is based on the tactical avenues leading to the three continents of Asia and Europe. At Cairo, River Nile gets split into two distributaries, Rosetta and Damietta. The 2,000-year-old town is a melting pot of Christian Coptic, Islamic and Jewish civilizations, which are prospering actually up to this very day.

Cairo Points of interest

Cairo Points of interest

Major Tourist Attractions In Cairo


Memphis is 24 km from Cairo and is the earliest capital of Egypt. The Sculpture of Ramesses II built of fine grained lime stone is displayed in the museum. The sculpture is 13 m long and weighs 120 tons. The other intriguing monuments at Memphis are for Embalming the Sacred Apis Bull, Temple. Saqqara is the ancient Egyptian graveyard on a plateau near Cairo. Neighborhood is the Step Pyramid built for King Zoser by Imhotep, Pyramids of Unas of The Mastabas, The Serapeum as well as the Dynasty Pharaohs, of Ptah-Hotep and Mereruka.

Churches in Cairo

The churches in Cairo are found primarily in the old city of Cairo near the ruins of Castle of Babylon. The churches worth seeing are the Almuaallaqah (Clinging) Church, Church of Abu Sergah (Saint Sergius), Chapel of Sitt Barbara (Street Barbara), Church of Abu Mina (Saint Mena), Church of Abu Sefein (St Macarius), Church of Al-Adra (The Virgin), Church of the Virgin in Zaytoun, Chapel of Mari Guirguis (Street George) along with The Cathedral of Al-Qiddis Morcos (St Mark). The Coptic Museum exhibits the uncommon assortment of early Religious relics like icons, executive areas, manuscripts.

Mosques things to do in Cairo

Mosques things to do in Cairo

Mosques in Cairo Points of interest

The important mosques worth seeing in Cairo will be the Mosque of Amr Ibn-Al-A-As (Al Fustat), Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, Al Azhar Mosque, Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Al-Refai Mosque, Mosque of Al-Moayyed, The Blue Mosque and Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali one of the best things to do in Cairo.

Modern Structures Things to do in Cairo

Nationwide Cultural Center (Opera House) is a-7-storey building developed to re-place the outdated Opera House burnt forty years back. Inaugurated in October 1988, it is cooperation for designers that are Western and Egyptian Cairo Points of interest. The facility is furnished with hi-tech audio-visual systems and features a catalogue, testing places, museum plus 3 theatres. Cairo Tower (Gezirah) is a 180 m high building having a revolving restaurant and cafeteria on both upper most storeys. The Town successfully re-creates the life style of the early Egyptians. Khan- Al-Khalili Bazaar and Sagh contains of several stores as old as 1300s A D. The region is known for a broad selection in handcrafted wood work, embroidered cloth, leather items and silver and gold perform. The Military Museum (The Citadel) is abundant in group of ancient and modern guns, sculptures, military uniforms and displays of artwork of war in Egypt from the start. Enjoy visit to parks in Cairo Kanter, including Andalusian Landscapes -’s-Khaireya Landscapes, Fish Backyards in Zamalek and International Garden in Nasr City.

Just how to Reach

By Air: Cairo is linked with many nationwide and international cities by route.

By Teach: Several air-conditioned operates and ordinary locomotives to and from Cairo.

By Coach: Cairo is well-connected by bus service with several neighboring cities and towns.

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