Why you need thongs

Thongs, otherwise known as flip-flops or jandals, while not being the classiest type of footwear can be extremely useful on a backpacking trip. And not only that, they can be bought dirt cheap in almost any country you will travel too. So why do you need a pair of thongs in your backpack? Hostel showers: […]

Carry on Tips: Hair and Body Care

Welcome to part two in our Carry On Tips series, today we’ll be giving you a few tips on how to manage your liquid hair and body products when flying with a carry on bag. *You can see the carry on rules on the previous post via the link below. Remember you’ll have to share […]

Arts and entertainment Clients

Since 1995, we have created and maintained clean, simple, graphical, informative, cost-effective websites for entertainers and the arts, as well as clients in many other fields. We have created websites from a troubadour’s dreams, often in a box filled with old newspaper clippings, as well as outside graphic designers‘ polished presentations. We were among the […]

Seeking Submissions for Holiday Stylin & Guest Posts

Seeking Submissions for Holiday Stylin & Guest Posts We are currently seeking guest posts for packing lists and style tips. For Packing Lists check out our packing list section and if there’s a gap you can fill then send us an email: stylishgirlstraveltoo.com with the subject line ‘Guest Post Submission’. Note: No companies will be […]