Why you need thongs

Thongs, otherwise known as flip-flops or jandals, while not being the classiest type of footwear can be extremely useful on a backpacking trip. And not only that, they can be bought dirt cheap in almost any country you will travel too.

So why do you need a pair of thongs in your backpack?

Hostel showers: Thongs are perfect for anyone staying in a hostel, camping site or hotel where they are forced to use communal showers. Put something between you and that questionable shower floor, you can’t always see what previous occupants have left on the floor for future patrons.

In-between shoes: Perfect for when your normal shoes have broken and you need an ‘in-between’ pair until you can get to the shops. Sure you could just pack a second pair of flats (or sandals, or sneakers) but thongs are lightweight and can be squeezed into almost any spot in your backpack.

Multi-use: Need shower shoes? Need shoes for the day? Shoes for the beach? Shoes for beachside bars? Thongs are great for all of these, especially if you’re trying to save space. The only thing they’re not great for is hiking, but if you’re off to Asia for a beach vacation you’re hardly going to be worrying about that.

Airing out smelly feet: Gross but true. After a busy day walking in a hot climate in flats or sneakers there’s a good chance your feet are going to smell less than pleasant. Simply switch into your thongs on the walk home, letting your other shoes air out and by the time you arrive back at the hostel (or hotel) the smell will have been blown away (or at least weakened) and no one will have to put up with your smelly feet!

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