Seeking Submissions for Holiday Stylin & Guest Posts

Seeking Submissions for Holiday Stylin & Guest Posts

We are currently seeking guest posts for packing lists and style tips. For Packing Lists check out our packing list section and if there’s a gap you can fill then send us an email: with the subject line ‘Guest Post Submission’. Note: No companies will be accepted only bloggers and individuals. Find out more here.

We are also seeking submissions for our upcoming ‘Holiday Stylin’ feature that is starting in May or June. We’re looking to feature a different traveler either once or twice a month and a little interview on how they maintained their own personal style while traveling.

The aim of this section is to show others that you don’t have to ditch all your lovely clothes/ personal style to go overseas (and also an excuse to flaunt our amazing readers). This is not a fashion competition, we just want to see how you maintained your style and to hear your advice on how others can too.

Send your submission to with the subject ‘Holiday Stylin’.


What to include in your submission:

A picture of you before traveling and one while traveling showing how you were able to maintain your style (or atleast a tiny bit of it). Whether that be by showing that you brought your favourite jeans on your trip, a smear of lipstick or accessories (if you’re still not to sure what we’re looking for include a few and we’ll pick the best). We want to see how you kept your overseas pictures facebook worthy!
Tell us a little about yourself so we can include a short bio in the post.
Include a link to your blog if you have one otherwise you may include a link to a social media account if you want.
Tell us if you would like comments disabled on your post. If you don’t say anything we will automatically enable them.
You can also include one picture of your destination to sit under Question One if you want to show off a pic you’ve taken yourself. If not we’ll just include a creative commons picture here.
You can also add an additional photo of your favourite trip outfit if you wish – we may or may not include this depending on which layout we decide for the feature.
Leave your replies to the questions below, a sentence or two for each is fine.

Here are the questions style while traveling:

How long was your trip and where did you go?
How would you describe your style at home?
How did you keep that style while traveling in the face of constraints such as baggage weight and general practicality? What did you have to give up style wise?
What was your favourite outfit of the trip?
Have you got any tips for others on what to wear at the destination you visited?
And finally ( a non style related question) what was your favourite moment of your trip?
(Optional) If there is another question you think would fit in nicely to your feature include it with the others combined with your answer. It doesn’t have to be style related.
If you have any ideas on how the Holiday Stylin feature should be organised/ set out don’t hesitate to give us a comment below as we are still in the planning stage and are open to suggestions!

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