Study Abroad Packing List Australia

So you need a Stylish Packing List for your Australian Semester Abroad?




Getting ready to chase kangaroos down the street, throw some snags on the barbie and become besties with Bindi Irwin?

To do that your going to need clothes (because nobody likes a naked exchange student – or do they?).

Regardless here is the ultimate Study Abroad Packing List for Australia.
If you’re looking for a Stylish Female Packing List for a normal holiday in Australia find it here.

Stylish Packing List: Clothing

2 x swimwear,  2 x shorts, 1 x stockings, 1 x leggings, 2 x pants, 7 x dresses, 1 x warm cardigan,  10 x singlets/ t-shirts, 1 x pjs, 1 x extra top for exercising/ hiking, 1 x flip-flops, 2 x sandals/ flats, 1 x cute boots, 1 x heels. If you don’t have enough space just take your favourite items and buy whatever else you need in Australia.


  • Ten pairs of underwear
  • Six or seven bras
  • Two swimsuits
  • Two pairs of shorts
  • Two pairs of pants
  • One pair of leggings. Get either plain black (heaps of girls wear them as pants here) or go for something a little different a la black milk
  • One or two pairs of stockings. These are fantastic when you need a bit of extra coverage without too much warmth.
  • Seven dresses. Make two or three of them nicer dresses if you plan on going out a lot. Also include a maxi dress in that seven if you have one.
  • Bring one cardigan
  • Something to sleep in
  • Ten tops.
  • Bring an extra top to use for exercising and any other activity where you may ruin the top from sweating
  • One pair of flip flops (otherwise known as jandals) for the showers, or just for walking around
  • Two pairs of flats or sandals for everyday use. If you need any extra pairs you can just pick some up when you get here.
  • One pair of heels if you plan on going out a lot (and wear heels)
  • One pair of cute boots

Stylish Packing List: Electronics

  • Camera. Consider bringing your underwater camera if you plan on visiting (and snorkelling) the great barrier reef (if you don’t have one you can pick up film ones for around 20 dollars once your there)
  • Lenses and filters if needed.
  • Memory cards,  bring three or four and you can just reuse them by uploading regularly. You can get free photo storage at photo storing websites such as flickr.
  • Cords for charging your electronics. Grab a universal charger as well as a back up if you have a few electronic items
  • Laptop or tablet for Uni and pleasure

Stylish Packing List: Toiletries

  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste. These are easily bought in Australia
  • Soap and cleanser, and any other products you use
  • Most feminine products can be bought in Australia so only pack what you won’t be able to find here
  • Tweezers/ nail clippers

Of course, all these products are plentiful in Australia so you can buy them when you arrive

Stylish Packing List: Hair and Make Up

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Your straightener (or mini straightener) if you use one. You can also bring your blow dryer but you can buy plenty of cheap ones in Australia
  • Hair ties, hair brush and bobby pins
  • Your make up kit containing the make up you wear at home

Stylish Packing List: Other

  • Key cards, $100 cash or so in AUD for when you first arrive
  • Earplugs.
  • One towel, buy more when you arrive as otherwise it will just take up too much space. You can also buy sheets and pillows when you arrive.
  • Other: Pens, important documents and photocopies etc

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