Stylish Packing List for South East Asia

South East Asia, the quintessential backpacking and holiday destination for young travelers. Here’s what you need in your Stylish Female Packing List

Stylish Packing List: Clothing

2x swimwear,  1 x shorts,  1 x leggings, 2 x dresses, 1 x cardie, 1 x long sleeve top, 3 x singlets/ t-shirts, 1 x pjs, 1 x extra top for exercising/ hiking, 1 x flip-flops, 1 x sandals/ flats, 1 x sneakers if needed


  • Seven pairs of underwear (Beware: Underwear in S.E. Asian stores are mostly in smaller sizes )
  • Four bras
  • Two pairs of swimwear.
  • One or two pairs of shorts. This will depend if you’re a dress or a top/shorts kind of girl
  • One pair of pants (jeans, jeggings, or whatever).  Longer pants aren’t generally needed except when visiting sacred sites. An alternative to pants? Pack a maxi dress to cover your legs instead
  • One pair of leggings. These are excellent for exercising or for covering up when visiting certain sites.
  • Two or five dresses depending on whether you’re a ‘dress’ girl or not, otherwise take more tops. Make one or two a dressier dress if your planning on going out to nicer places, but with most bars in S E Asia you’ll be fine wearing anything.
  • Bring one cardie, just incase.
  • Something to sleep in such as a light dress
  • Three to five tops. This really depends on whether you’re a dress or a pants person. If you wear dresses often you can bring less tops and visa versa. Make sure one of the tops are long-sleeved for when you need to cover up (or if you don’t have any, use the light cardie to cover your arms when visiting sacred sites)
  • Bring an extra top to use for exercising, climbing and any other activity where you may ruin the top from sweating
  • One pair of flip-flops for the showers, or just for walking around.
  • One pair of flats or sandals for everyday use.
  • Sneakers. These are only necessary if you’re doing hiking, rock climbing or any other activity that requires inclosed shoes.

Stylish Packing List: Electronics

  • Camera. Consider bringing your underwater camera (or case) as well if you have one
  • Lenses and filters if needed. Dont bring more than three lenses unless you’re a professional, you’ll regret all the extra weight
  • Memory cards,  bring two or free and reuse by uploading regularly. You can get free photo storage atFlickr, and many other photo storing websites.
  • PSD (personal storage device) if you have one as a second back up for photos on the road
  • Cords for charging your electronics. Consider buying a universal charger as well as a back up especially if you have a DSLR as they are generally a lot cheaper, just test that they suit your batteriesbefore you go
  • Laptop or tablet if you want to stay connected. Free wifi is everywhere, but so are internet cafes so this one is up to you

Stylish Packing List: Toiletries

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Soap and facial cleanser
  • Any feminine products as needed
  • Tweezers  and nail clippers

Stylish Packing List: Hair and Make Up

  • Shampoo and conditioner OR the Lush solid alternative
  • If you have room take your straightener but beware the humidity can ruin even the best style intentions
  • Hair ties, hair brush and bobby pins. You are definitely going to want to tie your hair up
  • Any make up you wouldn’t want to go outside without, but keep in mind that your make up most likely will get washed off from both the humidity and the ocean

Stylish Packing List: Other

  • Key cards, a small amount of cash in the local currency
  • Earplugs
  • Travel towel. These are lightweight and fast drying
  • A torch. Perfect for early morning starts where you would rather avoid waking everyone up by turning on the light
  • Locks for your backpack. I know everyone says that combinations are the best as you might lose key locks but consider this: Any idiot can unlock a combination lock with a bit of time and listening out for the telltale clicks so choose carefully. Both key and combination locks have their own pro’s and cons so think carefully about which type you’ll take if security is a major concern for you
  • A bike chain to attach your bag to something in the hostel if you feel its necessary
  • Small medical kit
  • Duck tape. Fixing rips, makeshift band aids, sticking annoying hostel mates to walls… the possibilities are endless with this helpful contraption
  • Twine or one of those rope with hooks inventions to use as a washing line
  • Ziplock bags to keep your valuables safe from spillages
  • You can buy laundry powder in SEA and it will be cheaper than taking it from home
  • Other: Pens, important documents and photocopies etc

This list is made for extended trips in the region, if you’re only staying for a week or two you could probably take enough outfits for everyday

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