The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt

If you are interested in learning about the vast and diverse culture of the Egyptian’s then Egypt is obviously the best place for you to be! Chances are that you’ve probably heard a lot about the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but you’d like to know more…
If this is true, then you’ve come to the right place! Throughout this article we’re going to cover various topics relating to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We’ll start by giving you a quick overview and then transition into the history of the museum, what you can expect, and how you can get there and enjoy your visit to Egypt.

places to visit in Egypt

places to visit in Egypt

Overview Tahrir Square region of Cairo
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt is by far the best museum in the world for those people who are interested in learning about the culture and history of the Egyptian’s. The museum has by far the biggest and most diverse collection in the world – it is home to approximately 120,000 items but only a fraction of these items are actually on display with the rest being held in storerooms for security.
The museum was established in the year of 1902 and is based in the Tahrir Square region of Cairo.



History of the Museum

The Egyptian Museum has a long history in itself – it was initially created in the year of 1835 by the Egyptian government close to the Ezbekeyah Garden and then shortly after moved to the Cairo Citadel. This remained the case for 20 years, until the Egyptian government gifted all of the items to Archduke Maximilian of Austria.
In 1858 a new museum was established in Boulaq (a district of Cairo). The museum experienced some success but was located close to the River Nile, so eventually became flooded. The items of the museum were then re-located to the former royal palace and into their current location in 1902.

What You Can Expect

Cairo museum

Cairo museum

This museum is everything that you could expect if you want to study about the history and culture of Egypt. Of course, the Egyptian Museum of Cairo has the widest and most diverse collection that you can find in the whole world, all compiled into one convenient place.
You’ll benefit from inexpensive admission, guided tours if necessary, long opening hours, a whole wealth of information that you’ll struggle to consume, and so much more!

culture of Egypt

culture of Egypt

Getting to the Cairo Museum

Getting to the museum couldn’t be easier – Cairo is not only the capital of Egypt, it’s also a major country in the eyes of the whole world! With that being said, you definitely won’t have problems getting a flight over to Cairo or even to a nearby city.
Once you’re in Cairo you’ll be able to get to the museum through various methods of transport such as a taxi, bus, or you might even want to walk. However, walking is generally advised against because of the potential dangers that exist in the region at the moment. The best option is to take a guided tour, who will come to pick you up or meet you at a designated location. You will then take a bus to the museum with your tour guide, driver, and the rest of the group.

Grand Egyptian Museum – A Museum Unlike Any Other in The World

The building of the museum is nearly as remarkable as the building of the Pyramids.

Backed by more than 3 of civilization and a 3,500 fledging tradition sprouted and the along thrived Nile River, Egypt has seldom spared any chance to maintain its historic . monuments and artifacts

Signs of it’s amply borne out from the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) project, charged is among the biggest museum developments now underway worldwide.

The facility offer an exhibition region of artefacts . square metres and residence 100,000 35,000

The undertaking building is made from these principal components: Museum and Convention Center (Primary Creating), the Menkaurus Retaining Wall as well as other retaining constructions, auxiliary properties including restaurants; car and coach parking, exhibit works and a comprehensive outside works bundle.

The things to be exhibited is going to be arranged into galleries crossing the periods of Pharaonic background including: Prehistory, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Roman and Late Period. Furthermore, there will even be two specific places for show, including the Tutankhamun Gallery as well as Stairs.

What followed was a flurry of actions with over 1,550 conceptual architectural styles from 83 different nations submitted by global . architects and corporations

Promptly after improvement of the preliminary design, this date started, using the pre-schematic layout being submitted by the end of April 2004 to the Ministry of Culture

In 2010 the job building management agreement by the Ministry of Culture’s Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, Hill Worldwide, along with its Egyptian associate EHAF Consulting Engineers, was given.

Additionally, a specialized committee, consisting of of scholars, technologists and architects was set up to evaluate the layout and offer opinions to the design staff constantly.

While layout of exhibits was finished by the end-of November 2005 schematic layout of the museum building was finished in June 2005. As the next step, comprehensive design for the museum constructing started in in-depth design and April 2006 for exhibit works commenced in November 2010.

In February this year, Orascom and Besix were given the primary building contract and have previously mobilised in the website.

As of 30 June, 829 overall resources are around the website and according to our estimations, there is a total of 6,500 employees [including management personnel] throughout the peak construction period

With over 4-million guests expected to go to the museum, the initial phase is focused to open in August 2015 and can adapt more than 15,000 artefacts, including hefty and unique ones.

Economic spinoffs Cairo Museum

The economical advantages of GEM are too clear to ignore.

Besides, for 200,000, new work opportunities are made with every added 1 million customer to the nation

The present Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, Cairo is now the single-greatest antiquities museum in Egypt bringing more than 2 million guests per annum, that’s more than the rest of the museums in Egypt joined.

Display and storage spaces are restricted as a result of building and surrounding restraints with serious problems of growth. As the amount of improve that was excavations, the artifacts to be kept in the present Egyptian Museum in Cairo have become overcrowded, as also the amount of displays has fully outgrown the the area available.

Also, programme and the services of restoration and conservation, teaching, study and investigation required as normal functions to get a museum that is contemporary, aren’t to the necessary standards in the current museums in Egypt.

To enhance this kind of situation, there’s an urgent condition to build the newest museum featuring the essential functions, including restoration and conservation, exhibit, investigation, study and teaching.

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